Available at Buehler’s Fresh Foods located at Medina Riverstyx and Wooster Milltown is a new healthy bread from Orlando Baking Co.

Orlando’s Seed’licious Bread meets the Cleveland Clinic Go! Foods guidelines of:

  • No trans fat
  • Minimal added sugars and syrups – less than four grams for main dishes and desserts and less than two grams for side dishes and soups;
  • 100% whole grain
  • Minimal sodium.- No more than 600 mg in entrees and/or 480 in sides and desserts

Harry Graham Director of procurement states “…it is one of the first products we have seen with the Cleveland Clinic Go! Foods logo right on the package”.

In addition, Buehler’s Medina Riverstyx is participating in the Cleveland Clinic Go! Foods program by identifying healthy foods throughout the store that meet the Cleveland Clinic Go! Foods guidelines.

“We have worked closely with the Cleveland Clinic to understand and use the Go!Foods criteria to properly identify foods throughout the Medina Riverstyx store” stated Bob Buehler, vice president marketing and merchandising. The store also provides recipes and information about the Cleveland Clinic Go! Foods guidelines for healthy food.

Buehler’s Fresh Foods is a family owned, local Ohio Company, founded in 1929, and is part of the E & H Family Group. There are 13 Buehler’s Fresh Foods locations and 9 ACE hardware locations in Ohio.

Supermarkets and Hardware stores are located in New Philadelphia, Dover, Orrville, Medina, Delaware, and Jackson Township. Additional supermarkets are located in Wooster, Ashland, Coshocton, Wadsworth and Brunswick. Additional ACE Hardware stores are located in Independence, Rocky River and coming soon to Westlake, OH. E & H Family Group is committed to environmentally responsible behavior. For more information visit www.buehlers.com.