RECALL: Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Products – various

Date of recall: 10/18/2019

Recalled Items and UPCs:

Baby Powder  9 oz. 003/81370/03021/8

Baby Powder   15 oz.. 003/81370/03016/4

Baby Powder   22 oz.  003/81370/03014/0

Baby Powder Aloe & Cornstarch 22  oz.  003/81370/03059/1

Baby Powder Aloe & Cornstarch 15 oz.  003/81370/03058/4

Baby Powder Medicated 15 oz.  003/81370/03072/0

Baby Powder 4 oz.  003/81370/03011/9

Baby Powder Lavender & Cornstarch 15 oz.  003/81370/03017/1

Baby Powder Lavender  22 oz.  003/81370/03043/0

Baby Powder Aloe & Cornstarch  9 oz.  003/81370/03048/5

Baby Powder 1.5 oz.  000/81370/03001/0

Lot code:  # 22318RB

Manufacturer of item: Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.

Toll free number of manufacturer for information & questions: 1 (866) 565-2229

Reason for recall: may contain sub-trace levels of chrystotile asbestos

PLEASE stop using products immediately. Return products to any Buehler’s location for a refund or replacement

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is alerting consumers of a voluntary recall by Johnson & Johnson of Johnson’s Baby Powder after FDA testing has found that a sample from one lot of the product contains chrysotile fibers, a type of asbestos. Consumers who have Johnson’s Baby Powder lot #22318RB should stop using it immediately and contact Johnson & Johnson for a refund.