14 Romantic Ways to Celebrate
Valentine’s Day at Home

Romance is in the air – and Valentine’s Day is coming! Here are 14 Romantic Ways to Celebrate with your sweetheart at home this Valentine’s Day!



Say Yes to Chocolate!

You’ll want your favorite chocolates, of course. But why not get some NEW varieties too and create your own Valentine’s Day Chocolate Tasting for Two!



Dinner for Two from our Deli!

Buehler’s famous Dinner for Two is stepping up this year to provide an elite restaurant style meal for those who are celebrating at home. Our Prime Rib Dinner for Two includes fully cooked Prime Rib, mashed potatoes and gravy, garlic green beans, a mini loaf of bakery bread and two slices of chocolate cream pie – for $34.99. Yummmm!

Order online, call, or visit our deli to place your order.




Buehler’s Floral Department is always filled with beautiful flowers – but Valentine’s Day is our favorite time of the year. In fact, our florist encourage you to place your order early if you’d like delivery.

Of course, there is nothing sweeter than personally giving your love a beautiful bouquet! So stop in anytime! Our store will be overflowing with flowers for you to pick up through the holiday.





Explore the World of Wine

It only takes two (well, actually only one) to have a fun Wine Tasting Party. And selecting the wines is great fun. Whether you choose to go with a theme (like Italian Wines, or Sparkling Wines) or get adventurous and have a blind tasting, it’s sure to be a blast! Here’s a link to How to Host a Wine Tasting Party from Wine Folly for some ideas to get you started.

And of course Buehler’s Wine Department staff would be more than happy to help you pick out some special wines for your party of two!





Steak and Seafood Dinner

If surf and turf is a Valentine’s Day tradition, never fear, we have this easy recipe – thanks to Certified Angus Beef Chef Michael Ollier – just for you!

See his demonstration – and get the recipe – by clicking here.






Have you ever had Fondue?

Cozy up with your chocolate around a fondue pot and start dipping!

No fondue pot? No problem! Here’s a recipe from the Cooking Channel for Chocolate Fondue without a Fondue Pot.





Plan Some Post-COVID Adventures

Whether it’s a day trip, a short vacation or a worldwide cruise (well, maybe not that!) – it is fun to dream about the possibilities!



Take a Cooking Class in your own Kitchen

Our own Chef Ben has been demonstrating how to make lots of great dinners in our Cooking with Buehler’s series. Check out our RECIPES page, choose your favorite and cook something delicious together.

Of course feasting on your dish is a BONUS that comes with this adventure!



Enjoy your Favorite Movie….

What is your favorite movie? Does your spouse agree? Maybe you’ll have to enjoy two different movies together – or compromise on something in between. It doesn’t matter…. it just matters that you spend time together!



Did you know Buehler’s Bakery makes Tortes that are out of this world?

Yes! This Black Forest Torte is just one of a variety of tortes we offer. Of course this one is simply perfect for Valentine’s Day with all that chocolate and its plump red cherries!

Call our bakery and order one today for your special day!




Would you like Breakfast in Bed?

Kudos to you if you’re coordinated enough to eat breakfast on a mattress! Of course our croissants and yogurt parfaits are easy to eat in bed!

For a bigger challenge try French toast! LOL!

Chef Jonathon shares his special French Toast recipe.




What is a Charcuterie Board?

Usually it’s a board with cheeses and meats, but there are really no rules – are there? We’d suggest cheeses and chocolate – or just chocolate! But do what you want!




Do you have a favorite board game?

We like every one except Sorry, since Love is Never Having to Say “I’m Sorry” . . .  .




If you have a Candle – You’re on your way to Romance!

Turn down the lights. Gather the candles.  And have a beautiful Valentine’s Day!