“Best Time to Shop” is a new way for Buehler’s customers to determine the busiest and slowest times in our stores. It is part of our COVID-19 response.



Shoppers are invited to use these charts to choose a less busy time to visit our stores, which should help to limit the amount of people in the store at any given time. By spreading the business out through the whole week, shoppers will more easily be able to practice social distancing.

Every week Buehler’s will be looking at sales by store for every hour, projecting the next week’s customer counts into 2 and 3 hour segments. We’ll share this information on this website to help customers with their planning. The stores charts below show daily time segments with color coding:  red for the busiest times, yellow for average, and green for slowest shopping times.

UPDATED December 10 with data from November 29 – December 5, 2020.